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At Integrity the safety and quality of life of our customers drives our work ethic every day.

A great deal of care is put into the quality construction, installation and service of each wheelchair lift so that we can assure every individual can get safely from one level to another. No more dangerous struggles with walking or carrying a wheelchair up a stairway.

Our WheelFlyer wheelchair lifts are all built using durable, exterior-grade materials and heavy-duty construction methods to provide you:

Because each individual and each setting is different, we offer a variety of product options and tailor our service to suit your needs. These WheelFlyerTM wheelchair lifts can be installed in existing structures or current construction, and are appropriate for use in private residences, churches, clubs, businesses and other public venues.

WheelFlyerTM wheelchair lifts offer an affordable solution for those who seek safer, improved mobility. Check out our Special Offers for information about discounts and coupons.

Contact an Integrity representative to learn more about our wheelchair lifts, or find out whether one of our other products (Home Elevators, Stair Lifts and Dumbwaiters) might offer a better solution for your lifting or mobility needs.

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WheelFlyer Subira Lift WheelFlyer SubiraL RV

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WheelFlyer Subira Lift with rider
WheelFlyer Subira LR

The WheelFlyer™ Subira™ LR1 low-rise vertical wheelchair lift is an excellent choice to provide wheelchair access to your porch or deck. Inside and out, this rugged lift is designed and built for long-lasting, dependable service in all climates and conditions.

Weight Capacity: 750 lbs.
Drive System: Acme Screw
Car Sizes: 34x48 Standard
34 x54 and 34x60 Optional
Lifting Heights: 53” and 75”

Specification & Drawings

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WheelFlyer Subira HR Hoistway Configurations
WheelFlyer Subira HR boy in wheelchair
Wheel Flyer Subira HR

The WheelFlyer™ Subira™ HR2 high-rise vertical wheelchair lift can be installed in a home between floors much like an elevator or, in a commercial or industrial setting between floors or up to a mezzanine or elevator level. Many churches have found the WheelFlyer™ Subira™ HR to be the ideal solution for their facility’s accessibility needs. The Subira™ HR meets the Americans with Disability ACT (ADA) when appropriately equipped and installed. Two drive systems (WF Subira HR Drive Systems) are available: a rotating screw drive and a roped hydraulic drive to suit any design requirement. Both drives offer dependable and long service no matter where they may be installed.

Weight Capacity: 750 lbs.
Car Sizes: 36x48 Standard
36x54 & 36x60 Optional
Lift Heights: 48” to 168”

Drawings and Hoistway Configurations
Drive System Descriptions

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WheelFlyer Verte Folding arms illustration WheelFlyer Verte
WheelFlyer Verte 180
WheelFlyer Verte


The WheelFlyer™ Verte´™3 inclined wheelchair lift for stairways has been largely responsible for the rapid accessibility increases in our nation’s schools, churches, medical offices, office buildings and stadiums encouraged by the enforcement of the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). Its versatile track design and compact drive system and platform makes it possible to install a WheelFlyer™ Verte´™ on most any commercial-sized stairwell. Available in 3 standard platform sizes.

Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.
Drive System: Dual-rail Rack and Pinion

Specification & Drawings
Track Configurations

  1. WheelFlyer™ Subira™ LD as manufactured for
    Integrity Group Companies, Inc. by
    Bruno Independent Living Aids, Inc.
    Model VPL-3100 Series
  2. WheelFlyer™ Subira™ HR as manufactured for
    Integrity Group Companies, Inc. by
    TK Access, LLC
    Model Porch-Lift®
  3. WheelFlyer™ Verte´™ as manufactured for
    Integrity Group Companies, Inc. by
    TK Access, LLC
    Model Carrier®